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Northern Rockies AER 2017 Conference
"Making B-AER Tracks"

Date: October 18 – 20  

Location: West Yellowstone, Montana
              Holiday Inn Conference Center

We will be hosting exciting speakers and outdoor adventures. For information contact Sharon Woods at swoods@msdb.mt.gov or call 406-629-0111

Plan now to attend.


Past Events

2015 Northern Rockies Conference

2014 Northern Rockies Conference

Ski for Light Montana

Visit http://www.trollstegan.com/sflmt/ to read about the annual "Ski for Light Montana " event in West Yellowstone.  Visit the website to learn more about "Trekk for Light", too. Visit the Ski For Light, Inc., website at http://www.sfl.org/ to learn about how the program got its start.







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