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About Our Chapter

The Northern Rockies Chapter of AER is the most active professional organization in the states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming serving the workers of the blind and visually impaired. The chapter has a history that is even older than the national AER organization.

The organization serves as an educational and social outlet for many teachers, rehab counselors, and other workers for the blind. Serving in these positions in rural states can be a demanding and lonely job and does not often lend itself to an opportunity to network or compare notes with other professionals in the field. That’s where we come in. The Northern Rockies Chapter provides annual meetings as well as newsletters to update the members on activities in the region.

Who can join? Anyone!!  The organization has attracted teachers of the VI, paraprofessionals, rehab counselors, administrators, consumers, and parents. The Chapter offers continuing education opportunities every year in order to renew or obtain certification in working with VI.  Ours is not a cold or detached group but one of family where we know each other as individuals and friends.  You can find a membership form under membership at this website or the national office at aerbvi.org.

Chapter setting new record in membership!

For years, the Northern Rockies Chapter has set its goal to reach the magic number of 50 members. New people were joining all the time but with older members dropping out, the chapter just never could quite hit 50. Some of the members just couldn’t afford it. Then, last year when the chapter met in Snowbird, it appeared a slew of new members took us to the magic number of 50. Now we are approaching 60 members and about 135 friends and regulars who attend our conferences. A record high! We thank you for your loyalty! A complete directory of attendees of conferences and members can be requested in print or electronically from Krmac6@msn.com. There is a $3 charge for print copies for non-members.

A Permanent Office for NR AER?

At the Cody conference in October, the membership approved that a “semi-permanent” office be set up for the chapter.  The main aspect of that office will be this website…to get it set up and running. However, in the future an actual permanent PO Box may be acquired and some office equipment purchased. As the chapter approaches it 25th anniversary the board saw the need to give the organization some stability. This is particularly important when folks are looking at endowments or leaving part of estates to organizations. Aside funding is particularly important in our organization as we provide educational opportunities for those who might not otherwise afford it. The “semi-permanent” office is likely to be in Bozeman as that’s where the website coordinator resides but that has yet to be determined.

The History of Our Chapter

Like most other AER chapters nationwide, the Northern Rockies Chapter of the Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER) began in 1984 with the merger of two older organizations… the AAWB (American Association of Workers for the Blind) and AEVH (Association for the Education of the Visually Handicapped).

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2009 Conference!

Now planning for an exciting October, 2009 Chapter conference in SW Montana.

Contact Kerri Norick at Knorick@msdb.mt.gov



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